Retain a Cream

Retin a can be applied either as cream or gel and while both serve the same cause, the cream and gel each have different specific use.

Retain a in general is used to treat both wrinkled skin and acne and requires a medical prescription. While safe to use there are some dangers for patient who are sensitive to vitamin A and Tretinoin which is the active ingredient of Retin a.

Retin a is for long time usage and the effects of it can be seen only when using it for a few weeks. Less than that will show slight effect but not the desired one.

The Retin a Cream specifically will help fix wrinkled skin and fight the aging effect of the skin. By renewing the cells of the skin, Retin a is doing what our body is not doing very well and giving us the young and fresh look of the skin.

The difference between the retin a gel and the retin a cream is the specific usage – while the retin a cream is good for wrinkles and bad skin it’s also good for fighting and eliminating acne, the retin a gel is intended to deal with bad skin and acne.

Retain a acne treatment is a popular treatment given to young people in the form of gel.

Both type of retin a are also good to fight sun damage which is caused by non protective stay under the sun.

Before using Retin a cream you must tell your doctor if you are:

  1. Allergic to one of its ingredients.
  2. Pregnant or breast feeding.
  3. Using other medications, creams or gels which contains any of the ingredients of Retin

In addition you must be careful not to:

  • Apply Retin a on a sun burned skin – you must wait until the sun burn disappeared before applying Retin a.
  • Apply Retin a on the eyes, mouth, ears.
  • Apply Retin a on bad or damaged skin it shouldn’t be used on open sours.
  • Combine Retin a with other cosmetics, creams or gels containing similar ingredients to the ones in Retin a.

Retin a cream was tested and the results showed great improvement fighting wrinkles. It was originally used to treat acne and sun skin damage and later researches showed that usage for longer period of time will also fight wrinkles and help the skin to renew itself.

Retain a cream is probably the most popular treatment for wrinkles now days and most likely to stay this way. The retin a wrinkles cream does wonder to the skin and help in the never ending anti aging problem.