Retain a Gel

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Retin a gel is the latest evolvement of the popular retin a cream which is commonly used for both acne treatment, wrinkles and sun damage treatment.

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The results of a long time usage of the retin a gel is well known as it helps to decrease and eliminate wrinkles and clears acne.

Specifically the retin a gel is used mostly for acne treatment as it is most effective that way.
Retin a gel unlike other cosmetic products such as the retinol is a prescriptive drug and so requires a doctor’s follow up on the treatment. This fact makes it even more popular among teenagers and the general population who suffer from such skin issues as acne.

While commonly used, there are some side effects to using Retin a gel:

  • Redness of the skin.
  • Peeling of the skin.
  • Dryness of the skin

It is recommended not to mix Retin a with other cosmetics products or creams containing the active ingredients of Retin a.

Pregnant women and breast feeders should avoid using retin a as some of the ingredients were not tested to be safe for use at the time of pregnancy or breast feeding.

Retin a gel is also used to treat damage to the skin as a result of the sun. However, using retin a gel can cause the skin to be even more sensitive to the sun and this is why it is recommended to keep away from direct sun when using retin a.
To prevent dryness of the skin and peeling of the skin it is recommended to use moisturizers during the time of using retin a, however one most make sure that these products doesn’t include Vitamin a or tretinoin which is the main component of Retin a.

The popularity of retin a and the fact it got a main stage in some popular TV shows such as Oprah and others, made it so popular and it’s now the number one best selling product among anti aging products and cosmetics even though it requires a prescription.

When using the retin a gel, you must make sure to use it according to the doctor’s instruction. Don’t use it more than the time you were told to use.

If using correctly, this gel can do wonders to your skin, it’s amazing how a few drops of gel can make you look years younger and help you fight the consequences of time.