Retin A Side Effects

Retin A has been tested and used for years mainly to treat acne and lately as a treatment for wrinkles (Anti-Aging of the skin). Much like any other medical product it has side effects you should know about prior to using it.

Before we get to these side effects, please note that Retin A is a prescription only medicine and there’s a reason for that. The following side effects concerns users of Retin A Cream and Retin A Gel :

Burning of the skin – it may be that your skin is sensitive to the active ingredient of Retin A – Tretinoin . This is why if you feel a burning sensation post application of the cream or gel, stop using Retin A and visit your Doctor.

Dryness of Skin – Most likely that using Retin A will cause your skin to dry. This is the reason using Retin A Acne Treatment and Wrinkles requires an addition of moisturizer for the skin. Wait 30 minutes after applying Retin A and then apply a small amount of skin moisturizer to prevent dryness of the skin.

Itching – While it is normal that Retin A will cause itching, abnormal itching is not good. If you can’t stop itching following the first usage of Retin A you should visit your Doctor.

Peeling – Peeling of the skin is normal and this is one of the jobs of Retin A. Whether you are using Retin A for treating Acne or for Wrinkled skin, Retin A helps replacing dead skin cells. This will most likely to cause a visible Skin peeling. This is nothing to be worried about.

Redness of Skin – If you are using Retin A to treat sun damage, it might just be that your skin is still red from exposure to the sun. If this is the case then it’s perfectly fine. If this is not the case you should visit your Doctor.

Stinging sensation – It’s possible that you should feel a slight stinging sensation. If this feeling is not slight and continuous then you should visit your doctor.

Please note that all the side effects of Retin A are not sever. If used correctly based on the doctor’s instruction with permission of course, most likely that all will go well and you will get the desired results with no side effects.

The Retin A side effects are also mentioned on the instructions on the gel or the cream.