Retin A was originally created years ago as an Acne Medicine based on Retino Acide which is Vitamin A based. And now years later it is used as Anti Wrinkles and Sun damage repair cream.

The generic name of Retin A is Tretinoin or Tretinoin Acid.

Retin A is defined as a medicine and requires a prescription. The reason for that is with improper use it can cause damage, even though it was proven that it can also cause dryness of skin and peeling – it’s very important to match the cream to the patient and provide information about what he/she should expect when using the medicine. In addition the patient must be observed constantly so that he/she won’t stop using the medicine when the first irritation appears.

Using Retin A is done gradually, the patient should smear a small amount of the cream at night time on a clear skin. It should be done a few times a week at first and then gradually every day. It is recommended not to be exposed to the Sun light when using Retin A.

It is also recommended not to mix Retin A with any other night cream to avoid dilution. In addition when using Retin A it is not recommended to use other substances such as hydroxide acid and even strong soaps until the skin gets used to the medicine.

It’s important to keep using the cream steadily and never stop as it has cumulative effect for the longer term of using it. Stopping to use it can void the improvement.

As mentioned before, while Retin A is now used as a wrinkles removal cream, it is originally intended as an Acne cream. Using the cream for a long period of time showed improvement in wrinkles and a clearer and younger skin. It also showed improvement in skin related damages.

Retin A is considered a “wonder medicine” in making the skin younger, that said, it can’t remove all the wrinkles and won’t fix dropping of the skin but will definitely improve the skin and bring it to a more flexible smoother and shining skin within a few months of usage.

Retin A and Retinol – what’s the difference?

While Retin A is a prescription drug (medicine), Retinol is used in the cosmetics industry in non prescriptive creams and products. The Retinol is less active than the Retino Acid but with higher concentration the Retinol might also improve the look of the skin. The Retino Acid (Retin A) is much more active than the Retinol.

Retin A Cream or Gel?

It is recommended that damaged skin or younger skin will use the Retin A Gel while older wrinkled skin will use the Retin A Cream.

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Here’s to younger, smoother and healthier skin – Cheers!