How Retin-A Transformed My Skin

I’ve been a victim of wild acne ever since I hit puberty. It’s been 10 years since, and I completely think that I have the shorter end of the stick here. I tried everything from natural treatment, antibiotics, loads of topical treatments (gels, creams, lotions), and even the regular dermatologist visit. Nothing ever provided the permanent fix for my skin problem. The aforementioned either gave me hope for a few days or nothing at all.

I swear this acne problem is giving me insecurities down to the last section of my spine. Although, I may have helped the acne for a while when I got addicted to online casinos, my mistake there. Those free spins by Club Gold Casino sure know how to keep me entertained. Anyway, looking for the perfect solution has been bothering me ever since. There’s not a day that I didn’t think of this problem.

Thankfully, I came across Retin-A. It’s not the biggest product in the market, which is why I only found about the product a couple of months ago. Plus I think it’s a relatively young item in the skin care world (correct me if I’m wrong on that one).

I swear this thing works like magic. I think one of its abilities is to increase cell turnover. Meaning to say that it takes away old and dead skin cells while allowing new cells to grow. This hit my problem dead on. What I think Retin A does is that it prevents my pores from getting clogged (oil and whatnot). On the other hand, I had to endure a few side effects before I reaped from the benefits of Retin A. At first, I once again though that I spent more money on products that will end up in the bin since the gel irritated my skin, which also started to peel after a few days.

A few months after, I saw the difference. Remember to be patient; this is not an overnight success. Give the cream a couple of weeks or at least a month to settle on your skin.

I also found out that Retin A has the power to fight aging skin. Not only is it an amazing product for battling acne, but also to slow down the wrinkling of skin. I use it together with my moisturizer so there are fewer tendencies for my skin to dry out. This creates a sort of layer between your skin and the product itself that avoids overly drying out the skin.

For those who are interested, my routine goes like this. Wash my face in the morning, let air dry it out, and apply benzaz ac 5 gel on spots where the acne is. Remember not to put too much as this layer might block out the moisturizer that will be applied about half an hour after. This should be enough for the day. Then at night, I apply the Retin A cream on my face. That’s basically it. After over a month of repeating this process, the acne was gone.

I promised myself to write a review here and inspire other who is facing the same skin challenges as I am.