Tretinoin – Vitamin A Acid

Tretinoin and Vitamin A are basically synonymous. Tretinoin is the acid taken from Vitamin A and is used as the active ingredient in Retin A.

Tretinoin is used in Retin A Wrinkles and Retin A Acne treatment both with the same effect of renewing the skin. In addition it is used to fix sun damage to the skin.

Other than its cosmetic effects it is also used as a medicine for a certain type of cancer called: acute promyelocytic leukemia.

Tretinoin had it’s break through in the early 90s as an Acne treatment which further found to be helpful as an anti aging treatment for the skin. In most forms it requires a doctor’s perscription due to its possible side effects and the fact it requires observation while using.

Retin a and specifically Tretinoin revolutionized the anti aging industries offering a variety of creams and gels to help fight wrinkles.

Tretinoin is mostly known in the form of Retin A or Retinol which are the creams and gel to both fight acne and wrinkles when properly used.

When using Tretinoin one must make sure to follow the instructions and monitor possible side effects.